Headway Bristol offers support for those who have suffered a brain injury, their families and carers.

The Headway Bristol Resource Library plays an essential role in our support provision. It houses a wide range of information and literature about other service providers as well as appropriate books, DVDs, fact sheets, reference books and material for brain injured people, their parents/carers and other professionals.

Anybody who has had a brain injury, their families and carers can receive support from us.  We also welcome and encourage professionals and people working with the brain injured to access our resource library, visit our centre, learn about our services and access information and resources on, and linked to, brain injury.

We offer support in a variety of ways such as:

  • Crisis support – We offer immediate crisis advice and support in our centre, on wards or in home visits for families following a relative’s brain injury or admission to hospital.
  • One to one support – Individuals can call to arrange support meetings both within and outside of the Headway centre, we have a number of individuals who can offer different support depending on the need.
  • Confidential room – The resource library can be used as a confidential room in which to offer support. It is a welcoming and relaxing space where you can access the resources, computer and television. Please phone with as much notice as possible (at least 48hours) to ensure the room is available.
  • Signposting – We have close links with a number of agencies that can offer a wide range of services, support and advice. We can refer individuals to services and support them through the referral process.
  • Social evening – Anyone who has had a brain injury is welcome to attend the social group. This is a great opportunity to get to chat and get to know one another a bit better and have lots of fun.



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