Becoming a member of Headway Bristol – the brain injury association

Being a Member of Headway Bristol gives you an input into the strategic direction of the Charity through your vote at general meetings. The generous support of our members enables us to provide a wide range of activities both within the centre and outside, including speech and language therapists, fitness instructors and tutors from local colleges that complement our in-house resources.

Categories of Headway Bristol Membership:

  • Individual – For those who have had a brain injury, their family members or carers, or anyone who is keen to support the work of Headway Bristol.  The annual minimum membership donation for this category is £10.00 and an individual member is entitled to one vote.
  • Family Membership – For a family group at the same address.  The minimum membership donation is £15.00 and the family is entitled to two votes.
  • Corporate Membership – For corporate supporters of Headway Bristol’s work, including professionals working with people who have had a brain injury. Up to five branches of the same organisation may join, and the minimum membership donation for this is £100.00.  Each member branch is entitled to one vote.


Headway members receive:

  • An Annual membership card;
  • A brain injury survivor card (if applicable);
  • Quarterly copies of Headway News
  • Up to date information on the work of Headway;
  • Up to date information about services for the brain injured, developments in rehabilitation, national and international events and fundraising activities;
  • Access to the Information and Resource library;
  • Information on brain injury, specific to individual needs, on request;
  • Details of our forthcoming events and a 10% discount on ticket price (i.e. for Quiz nights, Dinner Dances etc);
  • Corporate members also receive advance notification of corporate sponsorship opportunities.’

Click here to download Headway Bristol Individual/Family Membership Application form

Click here to download Headway Bristol Corporate Membership Application Form


Headway Bristol needs to raise over £200,000 every year in order to maintain and develop its services. See Fundraising section for more information, or make a donation in one of the following ways.

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Set up a regular donation using our regular giving form.

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